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Who Are We

Shafei Ingredients is a freeze-drying producer that is closely. collaborating with Egypt's premier fruit grower, PICO agriculture est.1974. This partnership between producer and grower is the core of our product's unique quality.

Why Egypt

For thousands of years Egypt has been a major hub for both agriculture and industry. Which is why it is becoming the next hub for freeze drying

Why us

Diversify buying

the most recent global events have exposed the vulnerability of our supply chains. Diversifying supply across different regions greatly reduces the risks to your business.

Farm to table strategy

Our close relationship with our grower PICO has enabled us to develop a product with heightened flavor. appearance and food safety.

Our Values

Complete oversight

With our growing partners on our side, we have complete oversight from farming, production and delivery.

Transparency with our clients

We believe that full transparency is vital for any relationship.

Empower our clients

We share yearly strawberry market reports detailing the latest changes in demand supply so that you are buying and selling at your best.

Be better

We are always working on raising the bar for ourselves and our industry.

Key Contacts


Salah Shafei

Salah is an entrepreneur leading start-ups in multiple sectors including food and insurance. He has over 15 years experience in investment and corporate Finance

Commercial Director

Alaa Shafei

Alaa is entrusted with our client relations. He has over a decade of experience in the Food industry ranging from organic olive oil, Cadbury sweets, Egyptian herbs and freeze dried fruits.

Quality Manager

Raghda Essam

Raghda leads our Quality department. She is a Micro/chemist with over 5 years experience in the freeze dried industry.

Get in touch

Industrial Zone 6, Sadat City, Egypt

+20 100 656 9656

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